Why Innovation Is Necessary For Growth Of Business ? 

Now a days lot’s of people are opening & running their business due to which competition is also rising among these business for the top position. Today everyone want success and like to earn lot’s of frame but these things can not achieve easily and in a one night for achieving this we all have to do hard work. So, today I will tell you about the importance of Innovation for business.
As we all know, today competition is increased in business and to remain in market all company’s come up with new ideas and these company come up with new ideas these ideas is called Innovation. So, New Ideas = Innovation

This word Innovation Is very important for every businessmen until business will not come up with any ideas these business cannot even fight for their position. Because market is changed today customer is king of the market. If customer does’t like your product you will be kicked out form market. That’s why develop new bright innovative ideas which customer like and prefer. Innovation can be in any form like it can be a new innovative business plan or can be a innovative product. Innovation Is not a thing or it cannot be learn it comes from inside our body. It is just like a creativity think something creative which automatically make you a creator of new ideas. 

If an organization use Innovation technique they can get 5 benefits:

  1.  Growth – Yes, growth Innovation helps you to grow and your business. It will help you to explore.
  2.  Creative – Yes, creative Innovation Is just like creativity which helps you to think new from new point of view.
  3.  Comparative Advantage – Yes, comparative advantage if you will come up with new product then it will give you some advantage to beet your competitors. And help to achieve top position.
  4.  Cope Up With External Environment – Yes,  it will help you to cope Up with external environment. When you will produce an innovative product it will effect even external environment and with feature of this it will help you to deal with external environment.
  5.  Vision – Yes vision Innovation provide you vision when you will come up with product it will provide you vision to think about future how to develop the product, how to increase sales, how to do marketing, what new feature can be add.

So, people use Innovation technique to grow your self and your business and never forget 

Innovation=New Ideas=Overall Growth

And also never forget one thing that is hard work without this you even can not stand in this society.




“Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objective. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results” – Andrew Carnegie

Truly said by Andrew Carnegie that team gives us that spirit to work together with trust to achieve something. And at the same time team work  is like a key to success. If someone understand this thing that no individual cannot do all task in company that a team can do. Then no one can stop you to begin successful. So, that’s why today big coprate house’s like Tata, HUL, Microsoft and many more are on top because they also known the power of team work. Team is just like a car till engine, break, staring wheel, gear do not come to gather car cannot work so in a same sense until individuals do not come to gather they can not become team and cannot achieve anything. And most important when ever you work in team please respect and try to trust on others.

That’s why team work stand for

  • T – Trust 
  • E – Exploration
  • A – Administration
  • M – Motivation
  • W – Winner
  • O – Organize
  • R – Respect
  • K – Knowledge

So, people I thought you guys have understood the power of team work and I hope when ever you will work in team you will achieve all those things that you want to achieve.


Why Human Resource Is Called BackBone ?

Guys you don’t think so it’s so obvious that in this world everyone is interconnected no individual cannot do anything alone she/he has to take help of another individual to complete their work. Like: A elected government needs public who vote for them, a singer or a flimstar needs audience who make them famous, even an organization needs customer who will buy their products and blogger also needs audience who read’s there blogs so, everyone needs someone who can help them to complete their work. In a same sense  an organization also needs good human resource or we can say good employees to complete their task and help to achieve their goals. Today in this blog I will provide you answer of this question why human resource is called backbone ?

According to me human resource is the real assets of an organization. Which helps them to achieve their goals, success and also help to earn lot’s of frame. These are those people who never come on front foot but always remain in back. They are just like those people who work on backstage to make show successful. So, if you are running or wants to run any business so never ignore these employees. Let me give you an example why it is so – When ever organization launch new products from making to sell that product these employees work on it they are the people who think what type of product they have to make and how to sell it. 

Let me give you an advice if you want to successful then follow these 4 tips : 

  1.  Know your employees who they are.
  2. Find out their interest means what they like to do.
  3. Use their potential to get successful.
  4. Motivate them to do more hard work to become successful.

If you can achieve these 4 points then no one can stop you to get successful. Because sometimes even these employees doesn’t know what they can do so it’s your responsibility to find out what your employees can do. These people are base of the company that’s why company like to hire only higher qualified professionals and pay them higher package so that they never left them because even they know if they have best people then no one stop them.

So, guys I think that now you know the power of employees and why I said them backbone. So never ignore your employees. And if you sit some where and think about your success how you grow then you only remember your hard work and because of effective & efficient employees. 

So, always remain motivate to do hard work and respect others.


5 Essential Tips For Starting Your Business

It’s so obvious guys When ever someone want to satisfy their needs they start working even they also know that without doing any thing they cannot satisfy their needs and that’s why they pursue for different occupation to earn their livelihood. Some of them take a job or start doing own business. Weather it’s totally up to there choice what they want to do or how they have to satisfy their needs. Many people think that opening business is big & tough task it’s not so much though but even not so easy. Today in this blog I will give you 5 essential tips to start your Business. So let’s get started.

1. Planning –  Yes, First tip is to do planning and how much planning is important I had already discuss in my previous blog. To be a business man it is important to think about what type of nature of business you want to open, also think about whether you want to open large or small scale of business and where you have to open it means location. So, you have to make Proper plans before starting any type of business.

2. Financial Planning – The second tip is financial Planning. Here you have to analyze the requirements of fixed as well as working capital It’s totally depend upon your business size.

3. Choosing Suppliers – The third tip is choosing right supplier. Yes, it is really important for a business because supplier Provides raw materials if supplier is good then you will get good quality of raw material at good prices.

4. Selecting Good Human Resources – The fourth and the most important tip is to select the good human resource. Yes, it is really important to become a success full business man because if your employees are good then your company can go on top after all work is done by these employees And  They are the back bone of the business. so, select good employees which helps to achieve your goals.

5. Planning About Taxes – The fifth tip is to think about taxes. Yes, when you have to open your business you have to also pay taxes like excise duty, sales tax, income tax etc. So, check out what type of tax your business have to pay.

After analyzing the above points you can Start your business. So, I think that these 5 points will help you guys to open your business and help to achieve your dreams.

Till you will not do anything, you will never get anything. So, do hard work don’t choose shortcut because on the path of shortcut you never get success and frame. So, try to choose right path and work hard. 


Why Planning Is So Important For Business ?

In modern world every person wants success and want to go on top within their life span. Because of this they have make there life complicated and they just want to earn money and want success. Just because of this they get busy in finding shortcut to being successful which make them greedy and looser because they do not make any proper plans. Yes, plans and see it’s so obvious that this word plan always come in every one life whether it a student or a business man or an employee every one need this word in there life. So, Today in this blog we will discuss about importance of planning in business. Why it is so crucial ?

Plan is a primary function of management. It means to think about future and make something or set something that they want to achieve and every person have there own plan. For business man they set target or goals they want to achieve. Without this no one can achieve any thing because:        

  1. It Provides Direction
  2. It Reduces Risk
  3. Help In Controlling
  4. Reduces Wastages
  5. Help In Achieving Goals
  6.  It Is Futuristic

These all six points are necessary for every person to understand the importance Of Planning. Whether it is a government-owned, private-owned, company, big or small every one has to do planning because it help in achieving goals. If you think  only planning make you successful it doesn’t mean you also have to do  lot’s of hard work. 
Personally, I think that if you want or thinking about opening any type of business 

  • Just Think About It
  • Do Research Work On It
  •  Make Proper Plans.

 Then only you got success. That’s why big corporate like to make plans first then they like to think about execution on that project because they know success mantra.

So, guys now I think that you all understand the importance of planning for business. So, when ever you are going to start your business please make proper plans it will provide you a key to success. All the best for future.



    Business Vs Job – Opening Own Business Or ¬†Doing Job First- Big Question ?

    Are you also confused about doing business or getting a job. It’s totally up to you guys what you want to do. But if you really want your questions answer so you are at right place. Here, in this blog we help to explain you about the two career path One by one. So, let’s get started

    What Is Business

    Business is an economic activity. Which means person is busy in earning money through production or from sale or exchange of goods and services on a regular basis for the satisfaction of human want for only earning profit.

    What Is Job

    It is a paid version. In which a specialised person is selected for doing work and give payment to that specialised person for completeing the work .  And payment can be given in any form ie., salary or wages according to type of work done.

    So, now we have understand what is Business and job but which path should be chosen it’s remaining.

    If you choose to be a business man than you have to do lot’s of hard work and you will live a risky life because your every thing is invested – your money , your precious time and your age and it’s so funny that once you loose or have to face failure these three things never come back !!!! But it doesn’t mean that just because of getting afraid from failure you will take a bold step and face it. If you have that motivation to being successful then no one can stop you to being get successful. Being a business man means you should have  quality of leadership , having good communication skill and many more. Keep these things while starting business :

    1. Feel Motivated
    2. Every Time You Should Learn Something
    3. Enhance Your skill
    4. Stayed Focused 

    Now let’s talk about Job , as we already discuss above what is job. Being an employee in an organization is not a bad thing after all being an employee is just like a spinal cord because if there is no worker then no business can survive it just like a base of any business that’s why company like to higher highly qualified people with good skill. If you want to be an employee you should go for it and gain experience , improve yourself and then start your business . Because here nothing is involved just learn new things while providing services.

    From my point of view every one should do job first and then try to open your business. Other wise it’s totally up to you guys what you want to do. First learn then apply use this formula you will get success. 

    I  hope you all get success what ever you do . Best of luck.