Business Vs Job – Opening Own Business Or  Doing Job First- Big Question ?

Are you also confused about doing business or getting a job. It’s totally up to you guys what you want to do. But if you really want your questions answer so you are at right place. Here, in this blog we help to explain you about the two career path One by one. So, let’s get started

What Is Business

Business is an economic activity. Which means person is busy in earning money through production or from sale or exchange of goods and services on a regular basis for the satisfaction of human want for only earning profit.

What Is Job

It is a paid version. In which a specialised person is selected for doing work and give payment to that specialised person for completeing the work .  And payment can be given in any form ie., salary or wages according to type of work done.

So, now we have understand what is Business and job but which path should be chosen it’s remaining.

If you choose to be a business man than you have to do lot’s of hard work and you will live a risky life because your every thing is invested – your money , your precious time and your age and it’s so funny that once you loose or have to face failure these three things never come back !!!! But it doesn’t mean that just because of getting afraid from failure you will take a bold step and face it. If you have that motivation to being successful then no one can stop you to being get successful. Being a business man means you should have  quality of leadership , having good communication skill and many more. Keep these things while starting business :

  1. Feel Motivated
  2. Every Time You Should Learn Something
  3. Enhance Your skill
  4. Stayed Focused 

Now let’s talk about Job , as we already discuss above what is job. Being an employee in an organization is not a bad thing after all being an employee is just like a spinal cord because if there is no worker then no business can survive it just like a base of any business that’s why company like to higher highly qualified people with good skill. If you want to be an employee you should go for it and gain experience , improve yourself and then start your business . Because here nothing is involved just learn new things while providing services.

From my point of view every one should do job first and then try to open your business. Other wise it’s totally up to you guys what you want to do. First learn then apply use this formula you will get success. 

I  hope you all get success what ever you do . Best of luck.



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